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May 06, 2024

"The first time I ever tasted GHOST®, I knew their supplements were different. I was so excited to partner with GHOST® and as a personal trainer and lifelong athlete it’s always been a dream of mine to have my own supplement line. GHOST® supplements were the first that I had ever tried that absolutely nailed every single flavor and the way my supplements taste has always been really important to me. The fact that I found supplements that not only help me with my goals but also are high quality, give me a sweet tooth fix, and that I look forward to drinking was something I have always been excited to share with the world. All of these reasons are why my collab with GHOST® feels so authentic; I genuinely love and believe in the products, and GHOST® is a brand I am proud to be associated with.

Before tasting "SUMMERTIME PUNCH", you should know that this is the best thing you will ever taste from GHOST®! :) It was important to me to bring a flavor to life that meant something to me in products I use daily. When it came to flavor, I was so excited to have something that tasted amazing, felt like summer, and served the vibes that come with drinking a tropical beach drink. I decided to take inspo from Bahama Mamas, one of my favorite tropical drinks, and bring it to the fitness world. Summertime Fine is a huge workout program that I do every single summer on my YouTube channel and it’s inspired by the beach, tropical vibes, fitness, fun, etc. so I thought it would be a fun play to call my supplement collab flavor "SUMMERTIME PUNCH".
I also wanted to make sure I was a part of a movement with GHOST® launching our CLEAR WHEY protein option. I know this will only help more people get enough protein in their day to maintain and build muscle no matter what their goals are because it's a fun flavor that feels like summertime. LEGEND and CLEAR WHEY "SUMMERTIME PUNCH" are two products I believe can genuinely help everyone in their fitness journey by enhancing your workouts and muscle recovery. I'm equally as pumped about our GREENS and GLOW products because from a wellness perspective, these two products are incredible for helping you look your best and internally feel your best. 

Being a GHOST® athlete has helped me feel like I'm a part of a team, and the honor of being able to bring these products to so many people is a dream come true. I can't wait for you to experience a Caribbean vacation in your mouth while you crush your summertime goals from performance to wellness! I hope these products remind you of your strength, resilience, and take you to a beach somewhere each day, both in and outside your workouts. No matter what goals you are working on right now, drink "SUMMERTIME PUNCH" and keep crushing it!"

- Sydney Cummings


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