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June 01, 2020

From day one GHOST has been committed to growing and getting better every day and it’s clear today that we have not done enough. No brand is perfect but we are coming together to LEARN and DO better going forward. We need to lead by example and rebel against inequality and discrimination, against violence and all forms of social injustice.

So what are we going to do?

Below are our first three major commitments:


Creating dialogue and starting the conversation is critical. Our first step is to understand, inform and educate ourselves and the GHOST community. It's on us to educate ourselves on the racial prejudices that exist in our society and use our platform––our voice, to inform others and do what's right. Below is a list of educational resources. We will continue to compile more in an effort to spread awareness and inform our community:


June 19th, we're continuing the conversation today to recognize and celebrate Juneteenth, the commemoration of the end of slavery in the United States.
Although the Emancipation Proclamation officially freed all slaves on January 1, 1863, it wasn't until June 19th, 1865 that all enslaved people in the United States gained their freedom.
We ask all legends to take a moment to learn more through the resources we have provided below and reflect on the importance of Juneteenth as it is truly a reminder that no one is free until everybody is free.
How to Celebrate Juneteenth:
    • Support Black-owned businesses in your community
    • Watch movies celebrating black culture
    • Share resources with your friends and family to start the conversation
    • Donate to organizations aimed at making a difference (links below)


We stand with the Black Community in the fight against systemic racism and police brutality. In an effort to help create real policy change that will actually make a difference, we are donating $15,000 to Campaign Zero and their #8CantWait Project. These 8 specific, data-driven policies can decrease police violence by 72%. For more information about the 8 policies and how many have been enacted in your city, click here:

We stand with the local Black Community here in Chicago and are donating an additional $10,000 to the My Block, My Hood, My City Small Business Relief Fund and their efforts to repair and rebuild small businesses in Chicago, in addition to supporting efforts to bridge the many divides of Chicago’s communities and institutions, sponsoring the 2020 Neighborhoods 5K. For more information on where to donate and how to get involved, click here:

Additionally, there are hundreds of other great charitable organizations doing amazing work. The following is by no means a comprehensive list, but some others in addition to the ones we are supporting above. We will continue to inform ourselves, research and add to this list over time:

We can make an immediate impact in our local neighborhoods by where we shop as well. Search for similar lists in your neighborhood. In Chicago, below is a resource we’ve found helpful:


While we are an incredibly diverse company, we need to do more. Moving forward, we will ensure the Black Community is better represented within our own. Building the brand we all wish existed, means building a brand inclusive of all races, ethnicities and cultures––and while no brand is perfect, we can and will do better.

Is this enough?

No. Not even close. But it's a start.

And you’ll see more from us. We’ll continue to add and update them over the coming weeks, months and years.

We're in this together legends. We're all GHOSTs.


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