• Joined GHOST


  • Random Fact

    Lugia is my favorite Pokemon, and my favorite Pokemon Type is Water. Stay hydrated, everyone!

  • Favorite Physique Destroyer

    Cookie Pizza (I mean come's the best of both worlds)!

  • Hobbies

    When I'm not gaming, I enjoy studying and improving my video editing techniques, swimming, basketball, and writing. I also went to school for music, so singing is a favorite of mine.

  • I never leave the house without ____

    Phone. Common choice, I know, but I like to keep in touch with my Discord, socials, and also check Pokemon GO here and there! Gotta get those steps in!

  • Favorite sneakers

    I still have an old pair of black Converse Dwayne Wade 3 in pristine condition that I still wear to this day on special outings.